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Follow the link to the BCN Society Web Archive.

The Archive opening page is a map, that shows where the archive entries relate to.

The best way to find something on the archive is to enter text in to the search field above the map.

4 thoughts on “BCN Society Web Archive

  1. Hi there, I am doing some research into bcn boats at Coombswood, I believe I have fleet no 107 as I have two plates with the numbers on and some previous information leading be to Stewart and l loyds. I’ve been told that s and l stoped recording gauges after no 90 odd but have recently come across research from another owner of BCN 108, so wondered if any one here has any info. Thanks in advance. Darren.

  2. I am trying to find information about my Mothers family , for generations they worked as barge,s on worcs/stsffs canals. Their Surname being BELCHER can you help Please Regards Mrs Gwen Keeling I live near Doncaster but was born in Dudley

  3. I am trying to find any details you may have in your archive of my grandfather who worked at the Bradley Boiler site (now lock making) as a BCN steam engineer in the 1920s. He was based in the victorian building on the site (which is now the pump house) and traveled to varies mines in the area maintaining the steam pumps. In the 1930s he became a lock keeper on the junction of the main line and Toll End canal at Watery Lane Tipton.

    His name was William Henry Bissell.

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