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There are more canals in Birmingham than in Venice, they say, but around 60 miles (100km) are no longer navigable, or have disappeared altogether.

Andrew Tidy, canal enthusiast, blogger (Captain Ahab’s Watery Tales), and BCNS supporter, has created a brilliant series of videos where he explores the “lost canals”.

If you enjoy studying old maps and photos, wondering what may have happened to the places, where the lost canals and basins might have been, and what’s in their place now, then you will just love the “Canal Hunter” videos.

With Andy’s kind permission, I have added them to this website, a third series, expected late 2019, will be added when available. Enjoy!

Introduction to the series

Birmingham’s Lost Canal Basins

Andy explores the surroundings of Gas Street Basins, all the lost arms and basins in the heart of today’s Birmingham, and even finds a part of an old arm that’s still in water – as a fish pond!

Birmingham’s Lost Loop Canals

Smethwick’s Summit Canals

Ridgacre Branch Canals

Balls Hill Branch

Canal Hunter Resource Pack

Titford Branch Canals

The Oldbury Loop

Toll End Communications Canal

Wednesbury Oak Loop

Lost Locks of Bradley

The lost canal basins of Wolverhampton

Lost canals of the Wolverhampton “21”

4 thoughts on “Canal Hunter – Lost Canal Videos

  1. Making the videos gives me a great canal fix during those long months of winter. I will be off along the Wyrley and Essington just as soon as the leaves start falling off in October.

  2. Wow….. What a new look website.

    I’ll now a total sucker for Andy Tidy (Canal Hunter) web link, it’s Christmas again in August!

    I have the ‘Box Set’ of Canal Hunter to spend hours learning of industrial history, skilled craftsmen, engineering solutions that were both bold and intriguing.

    The website so well ‘joined’ both in its rich contents,but informative information all in one place.

    Appreciate the efforts obviously been put into the project, but also to Andy Tidy’s sterling efforts of recording history, and his explanation of event’s.

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