Typhoo Basin

DSC_0112These moorings are safe, but (to say the least) uninspiring.

When the business parking is shut, there is no access to the outside world.  (This is the normal situation as far as I am aware).  If the car park gates are unlocked outside office hours, suggest that you moor up against the wall away from the wharf.

There are no boaters facilities at this mooring.  (There aren’t even mooring rings, unless they are so buried in the undergrowth that I couldn’t find them – I tied up to the trees)

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2 thoughts on “Typhoo Basin

  1. I have been told that there are better places to Moor such as at The bond but I can’t find any information about this facility can you please help

    • I agree that The Bond (if you have a very short boat) or Minerva Wharf – just beside The Bond – are better places to moor – however they are both private moorings, and you would need to make arrangements with the owners. The mooring at The Bond was very much shortened when the warehouse was restored – I don’t think that you could get in if your boat is longer than about forty feet. I also understand that they don’t allow visiting boats to stay.

      If you don’t want to stay overnight at Typhoo Basin, then (depending on where you are coming from) I would suggest that you shorten your journey slightly, and stay at the old Waterways warehouse at the top of Camp Hill locks, or at Star City, depending on where you are coming from. The alternative is to lengthen the journey slightly, and stay immediately at the top of Ashsted Locks, where you are under the gaze of the security cameras, or head on up to Cambrian Wharf / NIA / Main Line etc at the top of Farmers Bridge flight.

      As I think I have said on the site, Typhoo Basin is safe, but I would only stay there because it was getting dark and I didn’t want to keep going.



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