BCN Main Line and New Main Line


By the Arena Birmingham, in Central Birmingham.

On the North side of the canal between Vincent St and Monument Road Basin

Near Engine Branch Aqueduct, Smethwick.

A few quiet spots in Galton Valley (north of Galton Bridge).

Coseley Stop (south of tunnel).

Adjacent to and Opposite Broad Street basin

Wolverhampton Top Lock.

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Water Points and Sanitary Stations

All of these have toilets, chemical toilet disposal and water unless otherwise noted.  Some have showers.

Hockley Port (Soho Loop)      Shower

Handsworth Wharf (Engine Arm)

Broad Street Basin, Wolverhampton      Shower

Refuse Disposal

Hockley Port (Soho Loop)

Handsworth Wharf (Engine Arm)  There are recycling bins here as well.

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Notes on the Main Line

The towpath on both old and new main line makes a lot of use of very large stone blocks.  This, and the heavy use that the towpaths get means that it is rarely possible to put a mooring pin in to the ground.  As a result we recommend that you only moor using rings or bollards, unless you are sure that you can secure your mooring pin safely.

There is very little “Armco Barrier” type canal edging on the BCN, and none on the main line – consequently mooring chains and “giant paperclip” mooring devices are rarely of use here.

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