Hawne Basin


While it is theoretically possible, I have never failed to find mooring at Hawne  Their visitor mooring rules are on the link.

It is usually but not always possible to get mains power – one of very few sites on the BCN where this is often available.

The moorings are secure – the only down side is that you need to find a boater with a permanent mooring (and hence a key) to get in and out – but that has never been a problem in my experience.  (It might be different if you wanted in or out at 3 in the morning, but I’ve never tried that.)

Caution is needed making the turn under the bridge in to the basin.  Particularly with a full length boat, you are best putting your bows in to the winding hole and backing in.

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Boaters Facilities

Diesel, Coal, Gas, Pump out and some chandlery are all available.  (If you want Chandlery that is not in stock, they are good at getting it)

In my experience Hawne is the cheapest place in the area for diesel.

There is rubbish disposal, including waste oil and paper etc for recycling.

Toilets, elsan disposal, showers and a bath are also available.

There is a slipway –  this usually needs booked well in advance.

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Coombeswood Canal Trust have a very welcoming clubhouse, and through much of the year produce some really good value meals – so when this is combined with the lack of pubs in the immediate vicinity, I can offer no real advice.  The only down side is that they only have real ale on special occasions.

I am sure there are some decent pubs in Halesowen or elsewhere nearby.  Any recommendations would be appreciated.

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