Windmill End


There are decent moorings both before and after Windmill End junction.  On the line from Netherton to Parkhead there are moorings on both sides of the canal.  On the line from Windmill End to Hawne Basin moorings are only on the towpath side.

Around the visitor centre there are mooring bollards.

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Boaters Facilities

There is a water tap by the visitor centre.

When the visitor centre is open (usually summer weekends) there are light refreshments available.

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The pub adjacent at Windmill End (The Dry Dock) has been shut for some time.   Two possibilities spring to mind.  The first, if you are stopping while the Black Country Boating Festival is on, is that the local CAMRA run an outstanding beer tent.  (Note that Paddy has had problems with his website, and the year at the top of the page has not changed since 2016).

The second, that involves a walk into Netherton, is to head along to the Olde Swan (aka Ma Pardoes).  (Walk down to Griffin Bridge on the Dudley No 2, then walk about 600 yards up Northfield Road.  This takes you to the back of Pardoes.  The front is on Halesowen Road).  (Declaration of interest – I am particularly fond of their “Entire” and they supply the beer for our events)

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