Index of boaters facilities on the BCN

Water Points and Sanitary Stations.

Listing San Stations, which have a water point, toilet and cassette toiled emptying unless otherwise noted.

Those that have showers are also noted.

Birmingham & Fazeley Canal

Cambrian Wharf
Cuckoo Wharf  (below Aston Locks just south of Salford Junction)
Minworth Top Lock      Water point
Curdworth Top Lock      Water point
Bodymoor Heath       Water Point
Coleshill Road bridge      Water point
Fazeley Junction       Water point
The C&RT facilities at Peel’s Wharf are now shut.

BCN Main Line (Old and New)

Hockley Port. (Soho Loop) (San)
Engine Arm.  (at the end of the arm, which is just beyond Smethwick top lock)
Coronation Gardens, Tipton. (Old Main Line) Water
Wolverhampton. (Main line, in the C&RT basin just beyond the top lock)

Holliday Wharf. (Actually on the Worcester & Birmingham canal, just south of Gas Street Basin, beyond Salvage Turn – or the Mailbox if you want non canal identifiers)

Wyrley and Essington

Sneyd Wharf      Shower
Brownhills      Shower
Longwood Junction. (Daw End branch)      No toilet.

Tame Valley

Perry Barr Top Lock       Shower

Walsall Canal

Ocker Hill.
Walsall Top Lock

 Dudley No 1 canal

Black Country Living Museum
Parkhead Junction       Water point
Merry Hill Waterfront  (On the non towpath side, north of the Waterfront pontoon)      Shower

Dudley No 2 canal

Hawne Basin – run by Coombeswood Canal Trust. (Not only shower, but also a bath!)
Windmill End, next to the visitor centre.
Withymoor Island – run by Withymoor Island Trust.  Not formally publicly available, but hospitable in my experience.

Titford Canal

Titford Pump House.Shower
(Our meeting room, with a san station and rubbish skip)

Rubbish Disposal

All of the sanitary stations have water taps, elsan disposal, and toilets.  Some have rubbish disposal (marked R) and showers (marked R & S respectively).  A few have Recycling points.

Birmingham & Fazeley Canal

Cambrian Wharf
Cuckoo Wharf
Peel’s Wharf (the old C&RT HQ) – this is now shut – no facilities.

Main Line

Hockley Port (Soho Loop)
Black Country Living Museum (Actually on the Dudley No 1 – but only accessible from the Old Main Line)
Broad Street Basin, Wolverhampton

Wyrley & Essington

Sneyd Wharf
Longwood Junction (Daw End branch)

Tame Valley

Perry Barr Top Lock (Tame Valley)

Walsall Canal

Ocker Hill
Walsall Top Lock

Dudley No 1 Canal

Black Country Living Museum
Parkhead Junction

Dudley No 2 Canal

Hawne Basin
Parkhead Junction

Titford Canal

Titford Pump House.
(Our meeting room, with a san station and rubbish skip)

Pump Out.

Sherborne Wharf facilities adjacent to the historic Round House.  On the New Main Line, on the Wolverhampton side of Sheepcote Street bridge in central Birmingham.)
Engine Arm – off the Old Main Line at Smethwick (C&RT pumpout card needed)
Hawne Basin (Dudley No.2)  Run by Coombeswood Canal Trust.
Away 2 Service (mobile in Birmingham Centre)
Black Country Museum (C&RT pumpout card needed) (Dudley No 1)
Withymoor Island – run by Withymoor Island Trust (Dudley No 2)
Aldridge Marina (Daw End Branch of Wyrley and Essington)
Ocker Hill (C&RT pumpout card needed) (Walsall Canal)
Fazeley Mill marina

Gas, Coal and Chandlery.

Sherborne Wharf facilities (New Main Line – see pump out above)
Hawne Basin (Dudley No 2)  Run by Coombeswood Canal Trust.
Withymoor Island (Dudley No 2)


Sherborne Wharf facilities (New Main Line – see pump out above)
Caggies Boat Yard Tipton (New Main Line)
Hawne Basin (Dudley No.2)  Run by Coombeswood Canal Trust.
Away 2 Service (mobile in Birmingham Centre)

Slipway, Dry Dock, Boat Yards and Marinas.

Hockley Port Dry Dock (Book through Sherborne Wharf marina)
Hawne Basin hard standing (Dudley No.2)  Run by Coombeswood Canal Trust.
Norton Canes Boatbuilders (Cannock Extension)
Canal Transport Services (Cannock Extension)
Fazeley Mill marina (Birmingham & Fazeley
Caggy’s Boatyard (Tipton on the New Main Line)
Aldridge Marina (Daw End Branch of Wyrley and Essington)

Slipways for Trail Boats

There is a slipway that has been used for trail boats at Brownhills, on the Wyrley and Essington.

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8 thoughts on “Index of boaters facilities on the BCN

  1. What’s the deal with pump-out at Aldridge Marina? I’ve read somewhere that it isn’t a CRT card, but the marina doesn’t seem to be staffed and I can’t seem to contact the owners. Any ideas?

    • Hi Eric
      Contact Ryan Hardy of KR Hardy estates on 01922 743874. On the last email I had from him, office hours are Mon-Thur 9.00 17.00 and Fri 9.00 16.30 closed between 13.00 and 14.00. It is possible that there is no one in the office today. T

        • See how it goes – It is the only pumpout round the BCN that I haven’t used, so I have no feel for how it works. I would be somewhat surprised if you can use it just by using it – let us know how you get on.

  2. Hello guys, is there a slipway available to launch a Norman 32 anywhere near Birmingham?? I’m really stuck as I’m getting it delivered on Monday :/

    • Hi Lloyd
      There is a slipway at Brownhills Canoe Club that has been used to launch a Wilderness Beaver 23 earlier this year.
      Whether it could be used for a 32 I don’t know.
      We had a link to an external site with a report of the launch, but it is no longer working.
      I will email you off line, and if you give me your phone number I will see if the person who sorted this out is willing to provide guidance.
      Other than that, there are no slipways on the BCN that I know of suitable for launching trail boats.

  3. Is there,anywhere on the BCN,a slipway suitable for launching a trailboat?.Any information would be most welcome.Alan and boat Monty.

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