Aston Business Park

These moorings on the offside, in the business park.
The mooring rings are not obvious and are not signposted.

The business park has a security patrol, who in our experience provide a friendly watch over you.  (Indeed I have heard of the security guards providing a list of local take aways, and allowing delivery to the security office)

Unlike Cuckoo Wharf, I have never seen these moorings full.

As they are not C&RT moorings, any time limitation is up to the property owners.  If you do want to leave your boat there, we strongly recommend liaising with security.

There are mooring bollards on the towpath side, but I wouldn’t use them.

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One thought on “Aston Business Park

  1. There are cameras as well as security guards on site but as with anywhere, some caution is needed.
    There is a small convenience shop on site which is aimed at the many office staff, hence not always open weekends. Otherwise, head towards Aston Station for essentials.
    Aston station is only a ten minute walk away for trains to City Centre and Walsall. There is also an abundance of busess in all directions from stops adjacent to the Business Park.

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