Cuckoo Wharf

14 day moorings at the bottom of the Aston flight, just before Salford Junction.
Shower, toilet, water, elsan disposal, rubbish.
A good stopping place if you don’t want to go up the Aston and Farmers Bridge flights on the same day as you get to Salford Junction.
If these moorings are full, there are some more between locks 8 & 9, only a two locks up at Aston Business Park.
The signposting for these moorings is not completely clear.
The obvious moorings (with the bollards) are residential moorings, just beside the facilities mooring. (Usual “30 mins max”)
The 14 day visitor moorings are slightly closer to the city centre, contiguous with the C&RT Workboat moorings.

The C&RT mooring is available for overnight use if there is no workboat on it.

There isn’t much to do around here (unless Star City is your scene – see the mooring guide for the Grand Union).
However if you want a break before you start the locks, Polly’s Pantry on a hundred yards or so down Cuckoo Road is a good place for a cooked breakfast.  It isn’t the most impressive restaurant Birmingham has to offer, but the food is outstanding value, and the service is very friendly.  Closes at about 2pm.

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2 thoughts on “Cuckoo Wharf

  1. Moored at Cuckoo Wharf , August 2014. Agree the signage is poor, not helped by the workboats being spread out (we had to moor on the bend between them). The gates were not shut at all, and at one point three lads arrived on a bench nearby to roll up their smokes. They were no trouble, and moved on very quickly, but I’m not sure these are secure moorings any more.

  2. Concur with Jenny Wren – the gates no longer seem to be locked, so that I would now call these safe moorings rather than secure moorings, and I have altered the text at the top accordingly.

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