Digbeth Branch of the Birmingham & Fazeley Canal

From Aston Junction on the Birmingham & Fazeley Canal to Typhoo Basin, linking the Birmingham & Fazeley to the Grand Union at Bordesley (or Proof House) Junction.

Six locks and the Ashted Tunnel in about a mile and a quarter.  There are no boaters facilities on this canal.

BEWARE – it is not possible to pass a boat going in the opposite direction between locks 1 and 2 and the Ashted Tunnel.


Aston Science Park

Typhoo Basin.  (Otherwise known as Bordesley Basin)

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2 thoughts on “Digbeth Branch of the Birmingham & Fazeley Canal

    • You can – however to quote from the Typhoo Basin page

      “These moorings are safe, but (to say the least) uninspiring.

      When the business parking is shut, there is no access to the outside world.  (This is the normal situation as far as I am aware).  If the car park gates are unlocked outside office hours, suggest that you moor up against the wall away from the wharf.

      There are no boaters facilities at this mooring.  (There aren’t even mooring rings, unless they are so buried in the undergrowth that I couldn’t find them – I tied up to the trees)”

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