Minworth Top Lock Sanitary Station

“The Drome” There was a WW2 airfield here – hence the name

This san station suffers from repeated vandalisation.

Water point has always remained working in my experience.

C&RT work hard on keeping the Elsan disposal going.

The toilet is permanently closed.

There is no pumpout here, even when the san station is open.

There used to be a rubbish skip is on the offside of the canal, and most if not all Nicholson’s still list it, however C&RT have removed it because it was so heavily used for fly tipping.

There are no moorings here other than those for the lock and sanitary station, and even if there were, I’m  unconvinced that I would wish to stay overnight.

If you need a bite to eat on the way past, the “Drome“, a transport cafe between the middle and top locks, on the A38, just by the canal was worth while, but was shut in late 2016.  It wasn’t Brum’s most up market restaurant, but it was clean, friendly and decent value, with food cooked to order.  Keep an eye open and see if it re-opens – and please let me know.  Return to the Birmingham & Fazeley page

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