Oozells Street Loop and Sherborne Wharf

Oozell's Street Loop moorings from Deep Cuttings Junction

Oozell’s Street Loop moorings from Deep Cuttings Junction

There are public moorings (48 hours limit) on the towpath side of the canal coming from Old Turn Junction.

The moorings on the right hand  (non towpath ) side of the canal are private.

Through the bridge at the end is Sherborne Wharf.

Sherborne Wharf Facilities

Sherborne Wharf

Sherborne Wharf canal warehouse (now flats)

The only facility left on Oozell’s Street Loop is Elsan disposal, and the facilities for this at the C&RT san station at Cambrian Wharf are better.  Pumpout, Propane gas, Diesel, Coal, are adjacent to the Fiddle and Bone on the New Main Line, on the Wolverhampton side of Sheepcote Street bridge.

Moorings have electrical hookup and water, and there is rubbish disposal for moorers.

The moorings and facilities are run by Sherborne Wharf, in addition to running the dry dock at Hockley Port 

The flats at the left side of the were converted from a canal warehouse built for Fellows Morton and Clayton in the 1930s –  quite possibly the last canal warehouse built.

There is a large Morrison’s on the Hagley Road, just beyond Fiveways, and a small Sainsbury’s on Broad Street.

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