BCN Old Main Line

Oozells Street Loop.

Soho Loop.

Engine Branch (Top of Smethwick Locks outside Galton Valley Centre).

Smethwick Pump House.  (Secure gated moorings opposite the pump house)

Valencia Wharf   (Secure offside private moorings – no access to the outside world after hours.)

Whimsey Bridge, Oldbury (near to Mecca complex).

Tividale Quays and Tipton Junction.

Black Country Museum.  (OK – I know it is on the Dudley No 1, but the only access by boat is from the Old Main Line at Tipton unless you are prepared to leg a very low profile boat from Parkhead.)

Coronation Gardens, Tipton.

Coseley Stop (south of tunnel).

Wolverhampton Broad Street (Around the Canal & River Trust basin)

Wolverhampton Top Lock.

All of the moorings on the Icknield Port Loop are private.  There are no publicly available facilities.

A bit of history

Originally the BCN Main Line was a contour canal, winding its way from Birmingham to Wolverhampton and the Staffs and Worcs canal, with two termini in Birmingham, at Gas Street Basin and beyond Cambrian Wharf.
(Pedantically, the Birmingham and Fazeley starts at Farmers Bridge Junction, at Farmers Bridge Top Lock – in practice this part of the main line is usually thought of as the top of the B&F, and I have classified it as such in this guide)

When Telford realigned the route, the Old Main Line became a series of loops off the New Main Line.  Starting from Wolverhampton, these for which there are easily visible remains are Wednesbury Oak loop, the Cape Arm, Soho, Icknield Port and Oozell’s Street loops.  Wednesbury Oak and the Cape Arm are no longer loops.

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