Wednesbury Oak Loop

Part of the James Brindley’s original main line – despite its name, it is now NOT a loop!

Nicholson’s Guides say that it is not possible to wind at the end outside of the working hours of the Bradley workshop where Canal and Rivers Trust make lock gates.   This is not accurate.

At one time it was, for the only way to wind at the end is to use the basin, which was chained shut out of working hours.  The chain has not been used in the last five years at least.

The turn in to the workshop basin is awkward – it was designed to face towards the section of canal that is now closed.  For boats over about 50′, my personal preference is to put my bows in to the bank opposite the entrance, and back in, wind inside the basin then back out.
I think that boats under 50′ can probably wind without going in to the basin, though note the weasel words indicating that this is an assumption  – I have no personal experience here with a short boat.

There are no public moorings here – however I have stopped in the basin on a number of occasions, by prior arrangement, when visiting the yard for an open day.  (This link is to advertise a 2013 open day.  Sadly there are no open days planned in 2014 that I am aware of, but I understand there will be at least one in 2015.)

If you have never seen lock gates being made, a visit on an open day, or by joining the explorer cruise is a must. (Indeed even if you have seen them being made, another visit continues to be fascinating.)

Other than the toilets in the workshops that can be used on open days, there are no boaters facilities on this “loop”.

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