Wolverhampton Top Lock


at both sides of the canal, on leaving the top lock of “The 21”.  Pleasant moorings, in a small basin of green, with the traffic of Wolverhampton hurtling round a hundred yards or so away.


There are no facilities here, however the C & R T  facilities are only a few hundred yards away, on the far side of Broad Street bridge.  (Tis is a new bridge, the original is now in the Black Country Museum)


The Great Western is a good real ale pub nearby on Sun Street.  Good beer (CAMRA City Pub of the Year 20

10) and good pub food.
Unsurprisingly given the name it is full of railway memorabilia.
The GWR Birmingham Low Level station was immediately adjacent.
The current Wolverhampton station was built by the  Shrewsbury and Birmingham Railway Co station, that eventually became part of the LMS.

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