Rushall Canal


Below Rushall Lock 2.

Boaters Facilities

There aren’t any on the Rushall.  The nearest are at Longwood Junction and Cuckoo Wharf or Ocker Hill.

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5 thoughts on “Rushall Canal

  1. The mention of Cuckoo wharf above seems inappropriate. Should it not refer to the excellent facilities at Perry Barr top lock instead?

    • Rod
      I’m happy that we should “talk up” the facilities at Perry Bar – however they are already in.
      Where I disagree with you is that they are not on the Rushall – for which the facilities are as described, but on the Tame Valley.
      If you have photos – or further description, I would be delighted to use them – probably best you contact me off line.
      Regards Charley

  2. Longwood Junction affords very good mooring with brick/tarmac towpath. (I have moored once between the locks but parts are indeed difficult to moor up to.)

  3. The canal between locks 3 and 2 was very shallow (September 2015) and we could not moor between them at all. NB Large Marge

    • Sorry about the delay in replying. Yes, this pound is shallow at the edges – it looks as if it should be good for mooring on, but isn’t. The best moorings in this area are at Longwood Junction, before you start the flight.

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