Tame Valley Canal


Between Perry Barr Locks 11 & 12, adjacent to the park and container base.

Between Perry Bar Lock 7 and the M6.

Above Perry Barr Top Lock.

Water Points and Sanitary Stations

Above Perry Barr Top Lock.

Refuse Disposal

Above Perry Barr Top Lock.

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2 thoughts on “Tame Valley Canal

  1. Have spent a very pleasant night at the top of Perry Barr Locks. On what we would have thought should actually be the lock landing (opposite the Sanitary Station), but it is clearly marked 24hr mooring! On the plus side, there are bollards to tie to (although at 58′ they are a bit too far apart, so we have been swinging around a bit). Could have moored the other side of the A34, but that would have had to have been on pins. As it has been so wet recently, didn’t fancy that idea.

    As above, we are right by the A34. Hardly any noise. Only downside was that (we assume) the street lighting was on all night, so it was a bit brighter than normal in the bedroom!

  2. Perry Barr facilities are excellent. Whilst the mooring is directly below a dual carriageway, it is comparatively peaceful for an overnight stay.

    (N.B. I mostly boat single handed and the lock flight can be a challenge as not all have dollys to secure the boat to.)

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