Walsall Canal


Walsall Top Lock – secure mooring on off side, adjacent to san station.

Walsall Town Arm secure off side.

Walsall Town Basin

Willingsworth Hall Bridge (adjacent to Patent Shaft site).

Ocker Hill moorings (just inside arm)

Top of Ryders Green Locks. (off side)

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Water Points and Sanitary Stations

All of these have toilets, chemical toilet disposal and water unless otherwise noted.

Walsall Top Lock

Ocker Hill      Shower.  Water point requires at least two full lengths of hose to reach the canal bank.

Refuse Disposal

Walsall Top Lock

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Pump Out

Ocker Hill      This has been repeatedly vandalised, and may well be shut permanently.

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2 thoughts on “Walsall Canal

  1. Ocker Hill – water points. It is advisable to use the visitor mooring (just inside the arm on the left) unless you have a hose at least 60′.
    Ocker Hill – mooring. If you moor in the arm on the unmarked visitor mooring then you need a resident to let you out. I have moored on what appears to be a maintenance mooring opposite the visitor mooring. This enables access to the facilities building without bothering residents to let you out.

    • Walsall Town Basin – moorings. These are excellent but be mindful that Friday and Saturday will be noisy with nightclubs open until very late. Shops are only 2 minutes away, as are trains and buses. There is a very decent launderette on the Wolverhampton Road.
      Surprisingly there is no water point in the Basin. The local bar may permit use of their own water point if approached.

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