Ocker Hill


Secure residential moorings with a single visitor mooring.

No access to the outside world without chatting up one of the local residents.

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Boaters Facilities

There is rubbish disposal and a san station with a pumpout at the nearby C&RT yard.

The pumpout suffers from being vandalised occasionally, but C&RT are trying to keep it open.

The water tap is on the main building by the san station, and a very long way from the canal.  Unless you have an amazingly long hose, you will need to connect two fairly long hoses together to reach your boat.

If your hose isn’t long enough, or like me, you are too idle to bother running them both out, the next water tap on the Walsall is at Walsall top lock.

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The Wagon and Horses on Toll End Road near the entrance to the moorings is a favourite pub after work parties on the Walsall.

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