Last update: January 21, 2022

  • 21/02/2022: Added Bradley Canal Work Parties to Events
  • 20/01/2022: Updated Marathon Challenge, added documents


    The health and safety of our supporters and volunteers is our number one priority.

    We will follow the official government guidance regarding Covid-19/Coronavirus carefully and have the following advice for volunteers who are organising or attending meetings and events. Please be aware that this is a changing situation and we may cancel meetings and events at short notice. Please therefore always check our social media or website before travelling.

    We will continue to hold our regular pattern of meetings and events until guidance from the Government recommends otherwise, and for so long as those responsible are content and willing to organise them, and property owners are willing to host them. Members and other supporters are welcome to attend such meetings and events, but should not do so if they have any potentially infectious symptoms, such as high temperature/fever, coughs, sneezes or similar – whatever the likely cause, not least since this may be concerning or distressing to other attendees. Government and NHS advice (e.g. for returning travellers and good hygiene) should be followed.

    No volunteer or employee should feel pressured, or be pressured, to attend any meeting or event, or undertake any travel, if they are not entirely comfortable in doing so from a medical and welfare perspective.

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