Moorings and Facilities

A major update for these pages is currently “work in progress.

Until then, we would appreciate your help with:

  • Information about, in your recent experience, safe moorings and useful facilities
  • Photos of safe moorings and facilities! Of course you will be credited for the photos.

Please send any information to the

The previous page you might now haven’t been removed, they are in the process of being edited and updated.

Until that’s done, please download the BCN Safe Moorings guide

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  1. Thinking of doing the Curly Wurly later in the year – first time for over 30 years. I would appreciate updates via the Society newsletter. Particularly need best places for overnight mooring.
    Keith Harris

  2. Hi

    Ref: Sneyd Wharf visitor mooring

    I am a resident at Sneyd wharf and we do not know about a VM! The site is a secure site accessed with a site specific key, generally open office hours, else secure!. There is no official VM on the site, but mooring is (unofficially) possible for a short period (day or 2) on the usually empty CART service craft mooring on the corner… or (very unofficially) just overnight on the 30 minute service moorings. It is also possible to moor just outsite the site on the stub of the disused Wyrley Bank Branch Canal, just past the bridge (going toward Wolverhampton)

    1. Hello,
      We have just arrived at Sneyd Wharf expecting to find visitor moorings as listed in the moorings guide (having printed a copy before Steve’s comment above!).
      Without time to get to Pelsall Common or Birchills Museum tonight, we are forced into the unofficial option of staying overnight on the water point.
      Hopefully the guide will soon be updated so others are aware 🙂

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