The Birmingham Canals have a bit of a reputation. Black satanic mills, locks everywhere, whole days spent down the weed-hatch, untangling complete households from the prop in the rare moments when not being stuck on submerged cars, HGVs and tanks in a hostile environment. Racing along the New Main Line from one end to the other seems to be the only reasonable option.

BCNS Explorer Cruise participants at Logwood Boat Club

Only it’s not. Not at all. The BCN has a lot to offer. It’s not the Llangollen, okay, but it has more aqueducts, it has splendid scenery, it’s not crowded, it has a lot to explore. That’s why the BCNS is offering, since many years, the (always fully booked) Explorer Cruises.

Our Explorer Cruises are gentle, fun cruises for boat owners and hirers alike, an opportunity to discover under-used parts and hidden gems of the BCN. Together with fellow boaters that know the BCN well.

BCNS Explorer Cruise participants moored at Walsall Town Basin

Have a look at two reports from previous events:

2019 Explorer Cruise

2013 Explorer Cruise

You’ll find the dates for the our next Explorer Cruises on the Upcoming Events page – we’ll publish them as soon as we know them!

If you have taken part in previous events, and have photos or experiences you would like to share – we would love to hear from you

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