Questions on the BCNS Challenge

 In addition to how many locks and miles can you cover in 24 hours, there are a series of questions to answer, with additional points gained for correct answers.  The questions did not all carry the same points.

For those (like me!) who did not get all of the questions that I tried, here are the questions and answers.

Birmingham & Fazeley / Grand Union
Curdworth Village: In which road will you find the Post?      COLESHILL ROAD
Garrison Locks: A vital foundation for fishermen?      CORNERSTONE ANGLING CLUB

Dudley Canals
Merry Hill: Who crossed the marina but not the house ?      MICHAEL PORTILLO
Dudley Tunnel: How many limestone blocks form the portal of Dudley Tunnel?         23
Near Coombes Bridge: How many gullies feed the overflow weir?       6

Main Line and Loops
Icknield Port Loop :How many chimneys are on the old stable block?      3
Soho Loop :This bridge is at the centre of the earth?          ASYLUM BRIDGE
I didn’t understand this one even when I got the answer – from Roy Kenn (the organiser) “near the bridge is a parkland / educational facility known as the centre of the earth.  There is an information plaque on the bridge giving these details and the name

Wolverhampton Top Lock:  The Romans would know but how many years ago was it founded?   195
Bradley Arm What colour are the railings outside the dry dock?  (on the workshop)     YELLOW
Near Pudding Green Junction : It’s not the calendar girls but who will do a precision strip?   CAPARO  (precision strip steel makers)

Engine Arm: Name the junction where you can buy food and drink?        GLASSI JUNCTION

Titford Canals – Name the cottage beside the Navigation?   KEEPERS COTTAGE

Walsall Canal

Walsall Town Arm : Is this a first for the basin?     PREMIER INN

Wyrley and Essington

Cannock Extension – Tie a yellow ribbon round the old ??? Tree – What type of tree (sorry could not find an oak tree)?   BIRCH
Anglesey Basin – It has 6 sides but how many windows DID it have?    2  (The control building on the dam wall)

Who made them blue at Sneyd Junction?   DOULTON  (this one was a **** – there are a lot of blue things around Sneyd from graffiti – my guess – to motorway signs.   However the question was fair – the blue bricks on the bridge have the makers name stamped on them!!)