Atlas – winter maintenance

Atlas - showing gunwales in need or replacement.

Atlas is due some maintenance.  Age and weather has been taking its toll.  The gunwales around the cabin side have rotted, as is obvious in this photo taken during the autumn.Atlas on the slip

So she has been pulled out of the water for the work to be done.

What is interesting is that it shows that the current cabin is the second, if not the third.

The original will have been a wooden cabin, aft of a steel engine room.  The current cabin is added aft of the engine room, and simply sat on the wood, secured fore and aft, but unsecured, sitting on the wood in between.  There is lead sheet running from the cabin side, on the inside, going over the gunwale in the same manner as lead flashing is used on house roofs.

The wood needs to be replaced by steel, and the cabin will then be secured to the boat over its entire length.

While out of the water, we will be blacking her – all assistance welcome.  Contact me for details.