Pelsall Canal Festival – the beer arrives!

Paul & Craig from the Old Swan at Netherton delivering the beer.

Craig & Paul from the Old Swan delivering the beer.

Paul and Craig from the Old Swan at Netherton – crucial contributors to the success of the rally.  Not only did they deliver the beer to the original plan on Thursday, so that it was settled and ready for Saturday, when a problem developed with the beer (it kept disappearing – at a staggering rate) they provided a second batch of firkins on Saturday, and delivered a third batch on Sunday.

For those real ale aficionados who question having drinkable beer so shortly after delivery, it is because the Saturday and Sunday deliveries were “Bright beer” – firkins filled with beer tapped from the pubs own barrels – so each firkin was as clear as the pint you would get in the pub.

For those of you who enjoyed the beer (and that seems to be a lot – 1728 pints were sold over the weekend) – it comes from the Old Swan, at 168 Halesowen Road, Netherton, DY2 9PY.  Paul is the head brewer.

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