BCNS Marathon Challenge 2018 – 50 years since the start of the BCN Society


Enter the Marathon Challenge – celebrating 50 years since the BCN society started.

Join in this friendly competition, starting at 08:00 on Saturday 26 May wherever on the BCN you want, finishing at 14:00 on 27 May 2018 at Titford Pump House.

You must stop for six hours rest some time during these thirty hours.

Entry Forms can be downloaded, as a word document Challenge Entry Form 2018 or a PDF  Challenge Entry Form 2018.

The Route Planner and Information links are to the 2017 challenge.  These change slightly every year – but the broad principle remains the same.

Plan your ideal route so that you cover as many miles and locks in the 24 hours as you can.

There are more points per mile or lock for traversing the lesser used parts of the system.  If you are not familiar with the pattern, you can download the 2017 Route Planner here.  The 2018 route planner will be in the envelope that you will receive, that must not be opened until 08:00 on 26 May.

Shortly before the Challenge you get an envelope that you open at 8am on Saturday, with questions, and a diary to fill in as you travel round.

The winner is determined by a point system, with extra points for full length boats, butties, small crews, cruising the lesser traveled parts of the BCN.  The details are in the BCNS Marathon Challenge 2018 Info & Rules

Any questions, contact Roy Kenn and John Carrington via

All entries will receive a commemorative plaque on completion, and the winning entry will also receive a shield.  Additional plaques are available at a small extra cost – see the entry form.

Join in the final evening of the Pumphouse Rally.  There will be real ale on sale – rather more than we had for the challenge finish in 2017!

3 thoughts on “BCNS Marathon Challenge 2018 – 50 years since the start of the BCN Society

    • The 2017 rules are relevant, as they will be broadly similar, but they are unlikely to be identical.
      Last years rules are on the website.

      If you enter, Roy and John will send you this years rules. The entry form has a link from the page above.

      Best wishes


  1. Tuesday 17th May 2017

    Walked along the BCN Walsall Branch from Town Wharf to Spinks Bridge and up to James Bridge Aqueduct.

    If anyone is travelling along this route during the challenge, be careful. It looked like the branch of a tree was sticking up out of the water in the middle of the canal. Sorry but I can’t remember exactly where and it wasn’t a big branch but could cause an issue.

    Kind regards

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