BCNS Marathon Challenge 2015

Great Marathon Challenge – Thanks to Roy Kenn and John Carrington for organising it.

Water levels a bit low, which made it more of a challenge! C&RT are looking at why, and will try to avoid the same happening next year.

A message from John Carrington
I have just had a meeting with Roy and initially we would like to sincerely thank all of you and your respective crews for entering the event and your support and understanding

The turnout was amazing with 36 boats finishing at Bradley workshops. Unfortunately so many arriving at 3.59pm did result in congestion but again your understanding and flexibility resulted in this becoming manageable albeit a little frustrating for some of you.

Secondly a really big thank you to the CRT staff at Bradley Workshops, in particular Dave Constable, who could not have been more helpful and accommodating. I understand he even arranged a tour of the workshops on Monday morning for those entrants who arrived too late for the scheduled Sunday tour. Similarly, a big thank you to the workshop manager, Janet Tynan, who traveled down from Wakefield specifically to welcome us all so warmly.

One aspect that many entrants commented on was rubbish in the canal. One entrant had to visit the weed hatch 17 times and another ‘recovered’ 6 shopping trolleys and assorted metal debris. You will recall from an earlier e mail that the local CRT management asked for photographs to be sent to them so they can assess the scale of the problem and focus their resources. Please send photographs to Ian Lane at .   (Please copy your email to John Carrington – if you were on the challenge you know his email address.)

Last year we asked for feedback concerning the arrangements for the Challenge and many entrants sent comments, all of which were useful and a number of which were incorporated into this year’s event. We would really welcome any comments and feedback and you can be assured Roy and I will review them and if appropriate incorporate them into next year’s event (there’s a clue to the future)

Similarly CRT Management is conducting a review about their oversight of the network during the Challenge and their response(s) to the problems at Titford and Factory Locks. Any feedback you make that has relevance to this CRT review will be forwarded to them.

Roy and I have already started to mark the cruise logs and this year we will be piloting a new database which has been written for us by a member of the BCNS. Because this is the first time we have used ‘technology’ we will be marking cruise logs both manually and technically so please bear with us if the results are not declared as quick as last year. We are confident the database will make the scoring more efficient both for this and future events but please bear with us.

A big thank you to Sue for her endeavors in devising this database and her calm understanding towards Roy and me who are truly IT technophobes.

Just a quick reminder, although a number of you have already submitted your photographs or had then checked at the finish, if you are yet to submit them please send them to me as soon as practicable. All submissions will be acknowledged and those checked at the finish will be confirmed.

Finally Roy and I would like to thank the other members of the BCNS for all their help with the arrangements; particularly the complimentary hot food which we know was most welcome.

Watch this space re 2016 Challenge”

If you want to send your comments to John and Roy from this page, please use the form below.

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Marathon Challenge results!

Here they are! – the results, listed in order.

1     Clover                                  Micheal Pinnock       454.14

2    Tawny Owl                          Richard Powell         421  (Last year’s winners)

3    Indigo Dream                     Sue Cook                    409.14

4    Diesel And Dust                 Tom Murkin              409

5    Hampstead                          Barnaby Ball             400

6    Dove                                     Andrew Hoyle           383.47

7    Firefly                                   John Mosley              371.14

8    Albion                                   Martin Catterall       354.84

9    Panatha                                Ann Bell                     347.14

10  Peckham Poppy                  Nicky Harvey            345.26

11   Bogwoppit                           Lewys Morgan          340.43 (I think Lewys is the youngest skipper)

12   Chalis                                  Alan Fincher              330

13   Beau                                     Dave Payne               321.71

14   Telematchus                       Nick Norman           319.27

15   Felonious Mongoose        Charley Johnston    316.43

16   Goosander                          Steve Green              304.63

17   Red Wharf                           Stuart Makemson  296.56

18   Denry                                   Paul Callender        296.5

19   Joanna & dayboat  37        Mick Anson            285.14   (The only pair entered)

20   Golden Boyz                       Sandra Willis         280.31

21   Our Little Nightmare        Paul Roe                 253.86

22   More-Jam                           Ian Hartley            251.26

23   Stronghold                         Ray Oakhill             241.29

24  Notos                                    John Kelly              225

25   Nun                                      Benedict Todd        222.14

26   Iona                                     David Laws              220.5

27   Moments                            Doug Swain             220.43

28   Ryland                                 Richard Lacey         215.03

29   Alchemy                              Jill Reynolds           214.64

30  Mvcl                                     Piotr Kukfk              212.57

31   Crane                                   Jeff Bailey                208.47

32  The Cat Who Walks          Ian Hindle               189.09
By Himself

33  Carpe Vinum                       Darren Matthews   177.29

34  Balabor                                  Chris Clegg             163.71

35  Reginald                                Mike Bryant           144.25

36  Muskrat                                John Hammond     112

37 Noga Louise                          Lynne Robinson    106.25

38  Cobbitt                                  Jill Shepherd           67.77

39  Clarie                                     Laurie Booth            45

Congratulations to everyone who took part despite the dreadful weather!!

Thanks to Roy and John for organising the event, and for working out the results.

Also thanks to the  team at Hawne Basin for a great welcome at the finish line.



Marathon Challenge – was Noah the winner?

Was it something I said?   Mike Powell on the joey being towed by Joanna, heading down the Old Main Line.

Was it something I said?
Mike Powell on the joey being towed by Joanna, heading down the Old Main Line.

A great time was had by all – despite the weather!  If the original Ark had been entered, it had to be in with a good chance of winning, helped by its experience of dealing with rain!

I will post the results as soon as I get them, likewise more photos and links.

There were all sorts of boats, from small glass fibre cruisers to full length working boats and joeys in tow.

There are photos and comments on our Facebook page.

I’ll link to as many sites and blogs of participants as I can find.

Indigo Dream


Joanna and her joey at the top of Brades Locks.

Joanna and her joey at the top of Brades Locks.

Thanks to Mike and Jo on Anson for the photos on this page.

There were loads of photos taken by Harald Jorgens on Felonious Mongoose – I’ll put in a link to them on his website as soon as he sorts them out.  (he has trooping of the colour to do first)

In the meantime here is here ar some 360 degree panorama shots of Salford Junction (where we started) and Hawne Basin (the finish), with Sherborne Wharf and Ladywood Junction added for good measure.

BCN Marathon Challenge results

Hot off the press, here are the Marathon Challenge results.

Congratulations to Richard and his team on Tawny Owl for an outstanding result!

1         Richard Powell on Tawny Owl with 635.2  points
2         Tom Murkin on Diesel And Dust with 609.8  points
3         Sarah Edgson on Canis Major with 554.6  points
4         John Mosley on Firefly with 513  points
5         Charley Johnston on Felonious Mongoose with 501  points
6         Thomas Loos on Charlene with 495.04  points
7         Ivor Chambers on Atlas with 479.56  points
8         John Hammond on Muskrat with 472.4  points
9          David Bell on Panatha with 467.6  points
10         Jill Shepherd on Cobbett with 424.52  points
11         Paul Roe on Our Little Nightmare with 422.5  points
12         Steve Green on Goosander with 404.72  points
13         Brian Spooner on Wild Rose with 380.84  points
14         M Rose on Goliath with 343.64  points
15         Stuart Makenson on Red Wharf with 328.5  points
16         D Guttridge on Hannah Rose with 303.4  points
17         Damien Campbell on Spartan & Pheobe with 300  points
18         Tug Wilson on Golden Eagle with 261.76  points
19         Peter Scott on Copperkins II with 259.4  points
20         Ian Hindle on The Cat Who Walks By Himself with 241.76  points
21         G Wallbank on Yardley with 186.4  points
22         Laurie Booth on Carrie with 131.2  points

Harald Joergens  was the professional photographer on Felonious Mongoose, and the he is in the process of putting the marathon photographs on his website.   Take a look – follow the link.

As a personal comment, not only is Harald an outstanding photographer, but he was also great to have as crew.
If there was a prize for the best photographic record of the marathon, we would undoubtedly have won it!!